5 Ways to Build Your Board Bonds

Serving on a board should not be seen as an arduous task. It should be fun, energizing, and fulfilling. To make that happen for your board members, you need to help them bond and create a board culture that is engaging. Here are 5 ways you can do that.

1. Host a Virtual or In-Person Team Building Event

I know, you’re probably over Zoom meetings, but if you make it fun, they will come. There are a lot of different fun ways to build bonds virtually. Consider hosting a virtual trivia event or wine tasting. Check out Confetti for some ideas. Once everyone feels comfortable meeting in person again, go to Pinot’s Palette or another creative place and enjoy fine wine while painting a picture related to the mission.

2. Build-in Networking Time at Your Board Meeting

Include at least 20 minutes at each board meeting for networking time. This provides the board members with an opportunity to get to know each other better.

3. Send Regular Board Updates or a Newsletter

Create a weekly or monthly update or newsletter to send to your board members. Include information about your programs, events, donors, and other tidbits that will keep them informed.

4. Highlight or Recognize a Board Member

If you have a weekly or monthly update, highlight a board member. Include a bio and information about their hobbies or things they like to do outside of work. You can even create a monthly or annual board award to recognize outstanding board leadership.

5. Share Their Successes

Did one of them just make their 100% giving mark? Is someone a new grandma or grandpa? Board members are people with real lives and many of them would love to share a few personal wins or successes. Ask if you can share that information with other board members. It helps build rapport and helps them get to know each other.