Calendar Checkpoints for Your Board

Today, I’m talking about boards again. Why? Because so many of the nonprofits struggle to keep their board members involved in fundraising. There’s no doubt there are challenges. But there are many ways to overcome these challenges. Here’s one of the many solutions available that will significantly increase your results.

If you want more engagement from your board when it comes to fundraising, use checkpoints throughout the year. These checkpoints are like markers in a race.

Set dates and goals to measure success on both an individual and group level. In my experience, quarterly checkpoints work the best. However, you could check in more regularly if needed. The CEO or Chief Development Officer calendars dates to check in with each Board Member by phone, email or in-person to assess each person’s progress. It also allows the CEO to build a stronger relationship with the board member and get more input about the fundraising program. The staff member’s role is to assist the board members in reaching their fundraising goals. The purpose of these checkpoints is accountability. As I mentioned before, accountability matters and it leads to increased fundraising revenues.