Valentine’s Day: The Hottest New Donor Touchpoint

Valentine’s Day is the hottest new donor touchpoint. It started to get traction about five years ago. There was a lot of discussion around how to use it to show donors love. At first, development professionals thought it would just be another project they’d have to manage with no results. It wasn’t until it started getting discussed in mainstream fundraising publications that it gained popularity. Guess what? It’s here and it’s only going to get bigger. I’m pretty sure that donors like it. I know I do.

I feel so loved by so many charities! Not only did I receive several emails, but I also received a few cards in the mail. Check out what they said:

Our Love Has No Ceiling: Happy Valentine’s Day From the House That Love Built.

This one was from RMHC and was by far one of my favorites! The card had a cute picture on the front of a little Ronald McDonald House with hearts. The back had “Love Notes From Our Families” and thank you. The BEST part of this card, was that the development director took the time to write a personal note, in blue ink, that thanked me for supporting RMHC. They nailed it! It was a great card.

You Have the Biggest Heart.

I was absolutely shocked and excited to get this card. It was from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I didn’t expect this so it was a real delight. There was a very cool photo on the front (which I’m going to frame) and a message of gratitude.

A few of the emails I received included clever poems, dynamic graphics, and videos. One of the videos said “You are wonderful.” Of course, I had to click that headline to see what else they would say. They kept it quick and simple. The video was less than 20 seconds. The message was concise and appropriate with colorful hearts.

No matter what you pick as your Valentine’s Day stewardship tool, you can’t go wrong by thanking your donors. Think about that as you continue to develop your stewardship program.