Battling the Board Giving Conundrum

If 100% of your board members give to your charity then no need to read on. If that’s not the case, let’s get to the heart of the problem.

Would you like to know one of the top five reasons board members don’t give (or don’t give enough) money? It’s because they aren’t properly cultivated or treated like donors. Too often nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors assume that the board agreements or giving guidelines are enough to motivate board members to give. But think about it…how would you like to get a written ultimatum saying you owe someone $5,000 or $10,000 without any personal conversation? I certainly wouldn’t like that and I’m sure others don’t like it either. So how can you improve board giving?

You have to recruit board members who have the capacity to give and start building the relationship from there. However, don’t think that the board orientation is enough to get the gift. Create a cultivation plan for each board member, just as you would with a major donor. Visit with your board members one-on-one and find out what motives them them to give. Remember, they are board members but they are also donors. It’s a unique relationship that requires your attention in order for the relationship to thrive.