Bust Your Board Out of Their Rut with Recognition

You have recognition programs for volunteers, donors, and maybe even business supporters, but do you have one for your board members?

When it comes to recognizing board member you should do more than just host a holiday party. Here’s one way you can recognize your board members.

Host an annual luncheon, called the Board of Directors’ Appreciation Luncheon, which celebrates them. Have them invite a friend so they can celebrate together. It also provides them with time to continue to get to know each other better.

Give awards such as Top Performer, Volunteer Fundraisers of the Year, or Lifetime Achievement Award. Use LinkedIn to acknowledge their work.

There are many ways to show them you value them. Considering what everyone went through over the past year, they might really appreciate getting recognized for their volunteer service. Plus, you’d be amazed at how much more motivated your board members will be when they are properly recognized for their hard work.